Many seniors are signing up for computer classes through local schools, colleges, community centers, and online (Internet) resources. Today’s technology dictates the demand and need for computer knowledge from people of all ages, and senior citizens are determined not to get left behind.

Introductory courses start from scratch. The classes give a strong foundation, with full explanations of how computers work, the terminology involved, and how to use the mouse. Usually, this course is followed by, or combined with, a Windows class, which allows seniors to learn the computer’s operating system. This, in turn, will let users work with software programs such as Word and Excel. It is essential to learn Windows before tackling advanced classes.

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You need not own a computer to become computer literate. Once seniors learn the basics of different search engines, which are special navigational programs used to find information, and how to send and receive e-mail, a whole new world opens up. There are websites that deal with health concerns, housing issues, politics, hobbies, chat rooms, and anything else you can imagine, that are designed just for seniors. The topics are endless.

You need not own a computer to become computer literate.
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